Episode 109

October 31, 2022


Ep. 109: Ghost science

Hosted by

Mark Lewis Corrigan Vaughan
Ep. 109: Ghost science
Jack of All Graves
Ep. 109: Ghost science

Oct 31 2022 | 02:01:56


Show Notes

Nothing says Halloween like good old fashioned ghosts! This week we’re diving into the world of ghost hunting. Is there science to back up the existence of ghosts? Listen and find out!


[0:00] CoRri tells Mark why, if there were a hell, Ed and Lorraine Warren would most certainly be there
[29:43] We discuss how a demon would get into Mark and learn a little more about Welsh Halloween in the ’80s
[46:48] What we watched! (If the discussion of Barbarian sounds choppy, it’s because we spoiled the shit out of it and I had to cut it out. Sorry!)
[65:00] We get into discussing the science of ghosts and ghost hunting

Stuff we referenced:

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