Episode 111

November 14, 2022


Ep. 111: Too hot for Comic-Con

Hosted by

Mark Lewis Corrigan Vaughan
Ep. 111: Too hot for Comic-Con
Jack of All Graves
Ep. 111: Too hot for Comic-Con

Nov 14 2022 | 01:18:09


Show Notes

We had our first Comic-Con panel experience… and our first experience getting the boot for being too spicy! We talk about our grand day out in Birmingham before delving into the question of whether horror is good for children.


[0:00] We recap our experiences at MCM Comic-Con Birmingham

[20:00] We talk a little about CoRri’s whirlwing trip to England before diving into what we watched!

[31:50] Skip this quick section to avoid a Cabinet of Curiosities spoiler

[35:30] End spoiler

[] We discuss whether horror is, in fact, good for kids

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