Episode 96

July 11, 2022


Ep. 96: What even is a UK?

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Mark Lewis Corrigan Vaughan
Ep. 96: What even is a UK?
Jack of All Graves
Ep. 96: What even is a UK?

Jul 11 2022 | 01:56:46


Show Notes

This week the UK is finally on the road to seeing the backside of Boris Johnson, but what does that even mean, and how did that doofus get into power in the first place? CoRri’s asking Mark the tough questions about the state of British society as a nice break from the horrors of America. Plus, a bonkers story of amnesia, a new pick from the wheel of justice, and a journey through the last words of people on death row.


[0:00] CoRri tells Mark about a strange case of amnesia
[21:30] Mark’s odd exhortation leads to a discussion of Romeo + Juliet and The Sunscreen Song.
[29:20] Mark met giraffes! We talk giraffe facts and rant about people who’s instinct when meeting such majestic creatures is to shoot them and hang them on their wall.
[38:50] Time to spin the wheel of justice and find out Mark’s next video rant.
[41:50] Mark shouts out our ko-fi subscribers with the last words of criminals before they were executed
[67:30] What we watched!
[84:00] Mark does his best to explain British politics to CoRri in light of Boris Johnson’s semi-resignation as Prime Minister

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