Episode 18

January 04, 2021


Ep. 18: Autonomy over your meat

Hosted by

Mark Lewis Corrigan Vaughan
Ep. 18: Autonomy over your meat
Jack of All Graves
Ep. 18: Autonomy over your meat

Jan 04 2021 | 01:09:56


Show Notes

We're calling it: 2021 is the year of JoAG, and we're kicking it off with a bang. This week we're talking all things body modification, bodily autonomy, and euthanasia.

[0:00] Could we kill each other in a zombiepocalypse situation
[07:00] We’re back! We jump in talking about the Cornetto trilogy and whether Simon Pegg and Martin Freeman are dicks or not
[13:50] What we watched over the holidays
[26:30] How much autonomy do we have over our own bodies, including body modification and euthanasia.
[65:00] We have a blog and we want you to talk to us!
Check out our blog at jackofallgraves.com, and talk to us on twitter @jackofallgraves and on Insta @jackofallgravespod. 

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