Jack of All Graves

Ep. 19: Stage managing death

Jack of All Graves
Ep. 19: Stage managing death

Many creative types have dealt with their own deaths through their art. This week, we're talking about some of that creative output, and what we would do with the time we had left in the face of our own imminent deaths. It's more fun than it sounds.


[0:00] Surprise cannibalism! A Russian pensioner turns murder victims into meat jelly

[12:27] A bit of cultural exchange as we discuss some linguistic differences

[14:40] Our main topic: Things people create when they're aware they're going to die

[30:00] We talk about whether we would publicly document our own deaths and what it means to leave a legacy

[40:50] Would we want to know our exact date and time of death ahead of time?

[51:40] This week we've watched Super Dark Times and Promising Young Woman

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