Episode 119

January 16, 2023


Ep. 119: Poison!

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Mark Lewis Corrigan Vaughan
Ep. 119: Poison!
Jack of All Graves
Ep. 119: Poison!

Jan 16 2023 | 01:54:42


Show Notes

This week’s discussions range from people who have predicted the end of the world, to some bonkers poisoning incidents throughout the 20th century. The last one is… it’s wild, you guys.


[0:00] Marks tells CoRri about some failed doomsday prophecies and some upcoming ones
[12:34] Mark looks into tattoo removal, we chat about videogames and why CoRri has such a hard time watching TV, and we set a date for our next watch-along: February 4th! Put it in your calendar!
[33:50] What we watched!
[59:09] It’s a thematic set of Ko-fi shoutouts this week! Make sure to subscribe if you want your own shoutout every month.
[79:50] We discuss some notable and fairly batshit examples of poisonings… and also wonder whether advertising and TikTok are their own kinds of poison.

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