August 08, 2022


Ep. 99.5: Zombie pigs and movie recs

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Mark Lewis Corrigan Vaughan
Ep. 99.5: Zombie pigs and movie recs
Jack of All Graves
Ep. 99.5: Zombie pigs and movie recs

Aug 08 2022 | 01:58:44


Show Notes

Maybe it’s cheating a little, but we want to record our big 100th episode together in London, so this week we’re just hanging out chatting about some disconcerting science news, some horror science, and a whoooole lot of stuff we’ve been watching the past two weeks. Plus Mark recommends music and spins the Wheel of Justice!


[0:00] We talk over a story in the news this week about reanimated pigs and all the IMPLICATIONS.
[22:50] We discuss Mark’s broken toe and what you can expect from our London content, and CoRri explains the science of why she pukes all the time
[35:40] Mark dives into his old profile to recommend songs to our Ko-Fi supporters. Here they are in a YouTube playlist!
[57:50] Mark spins the Wheel of Justice
[60:30] What we watched! The list can always be found on our website,

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