Episode 11

November 09, 2020


Ep. 11: Ethical cannibalism under capitalism

Hosted by

Mark Lewis Corrigan Vaughan
Ep. 11: Ethical cannibalism under capitalism
Jack of All Graves
Ep. 11: Ethical cannibalism under capitalism

Show Notes

Corri has a sad today, but we're addressing her strange obsession to cheer her up: Cannibalism.


  • Corri is devastated by the death of Alex Trebek, so we talk about celebrity deaths that have hit us and our listeners hard
  • Mark talks about his facebook deadpool
  • We dive right in to talking about people eating people
  • Early humans ate each other as side dishes
  • The Donner Party is aparently not common knowledge in the UK
  • The main event: German cannibal Armin Meiwes and the ethics of consensual cannibalism
  • As always, we leave you with a couple recs: The Wolf of Snow Hollow and Blood Vessel

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