Episode 90

May 29, 2022


Ep. 90: Stupid deaths revisited

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Mark Lewis Corrigan Vaughan
Ep. 90: Stupid deaths revisited
Jack of All Graves
Ep. 90: Stupid deaths revisited

May 29 2022 | 01:34:07


Show Notes

It’s been a terrible week in America and we’ve got to talk about it. This week we follow a cathartic discussion of American failures with some good natured bickering about science, an invitation to come hang out with us, and a little jaunt into one of our favorite topics, dumb ways to die.


[0:00] We talk about America’s mounting social problems and whether the country is headed toward utopia or dystopia

[26:20] We discuss the sizes of alcohol bottles and the queen’s platinum jubilee, and we bicker about whether or not human echolocation is real

[35:00] We want you to come hang out with us in Birmingham, UK on November 12th and 13th!

[47:20] What we watched!

[75:00] We revisit stupid ways people have died or caused major tragedies

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