Episode 7

October 12, 2020


Ep. 7: Jack of All Graveyards

Hosted by

Mark Lewis Corrigan Vaughan
Ep. 7: Jack of All Graveyards
Jack of All Graves
Ep. 7: Jack of All Graveyards

Oct 12 2020 | 01:22:31


Show Notes

It's a momentous occasion for JoAG! We have our first guest! Certified scaredy cat Kristin Latourelle stops in for a bit to tell us about the experience of watching Child's Play (1988) for the first time and it is a WILD ride! Elsewhere in the 'cast, Mark & Corri talk about the horrifying world of deep fakes, favorite cemeteries, and how to be chill about death. 


  • Oh god! Oh fuck! Deepfakes!
  • We talk about the things we've been watching this week and whether we recommend them or not
  • Horror hater Kristin rants about Chucky
  • We discuss our favorite cemeteries and the the way deaths shape communities
  • Mark has two very important, mildly disturbing questions

Stop by and visit us on twitter @jackofallgraves, especially if you have answers to any of Mark's burning questions!

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