Episode 113

November 29, 2022


Ep. 113: Ball so hard (you die)

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Mark Lewis Corrigan Vaughan
Ep. 113: Ball so hard (you die)
Jack of All Graves
Ep. 113: Ball so hard (you die)

Nov 29 2022 | 01:56:06


Show Notes

This week Mark returns to his favorite topic: The brain! (The brain, the center of the chain!) And then on the advice of his son Owen, we talk about times that people have died on the field while playing sports. Or sport, if you’re British.


[0:00] Mark tells CoRri some stories about the resilience of the human brain
[18:30] We talk about the darkness of winter, the lightness in CoRri’s soul, and how Mark is reframing his sleep struggles
[0:00] Mark tells CoRri some stories about the resilience of the human brain
[18:30] We talk about the darkness of winter, the lightness in CoRri’s soul, and how Mark is reframing his sleep struggles
[31:39] CoRri corrects a mistake she made about lead in water last week. Also, if you want Christmas JoAG mail, make sure you sign up on our Ko-Fi at the Great Bunch of Lads level!
[37:50] What we watched! A lot going on in this one! There is much to recommend!
[69:30] We talk about times people have died while playing sports
[100:18] We discuss the divisive Tik Tok favorite film Skinamarink!

Stuff we referenced:

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