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Jack of All Graves

A storytelling pod in which an American girl and a Welsh guy bond over a shared love of the terrifying, tragic, bloody, morbid, anxiety-inducing, and horrific -- a joyful and therapeutic exploration of very dark...more

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Episode 14

November 30, 2020

Ep. 14: The thrill of the kill

What is it that makes a good horror movie kill so satisfying? We're not sure, but you can bet we're gonna try our darndest to talk it out. This week we're bangin' on about our favorite kills and why we love them. Highlights: The '80s were more terrible than you remember and being on the show ALF caused eating disorders and crack habits Corri accidentally convinces Mark Thankskilling is worth watching We go through your #momcore recs We talk about our favorite and most memorable horror movie kills and share faves from our Twitter followers Mark can't stop talking about kills he hates Our anti-rec: Porno on Shudder. So much dick trauma.  Looking for Yulecore recs! Send us yours! Talk to us on twitter @jackofallgraves and on instagram at @jackofallgravespod!   ...



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Episode 13

November 23, 2020

Ep. 13: The anxiety kitchen

It's been a year since the first cases of COVID-19 popped up and the world has been non-stop anxiety ever since. In a slightly different sort of JoAG, we're taking a minute to just unload our anxieties and talk through them. The #JoAGjourney is therapy, spooky friends.    Highlights:  Mark misses his mom, which leads him to a horror genre: Momcore Eileen gives us more mouse cannibal facts We have an Instagram! Follow @jackofallgravespod What the fuck do we do with all this anxiety?? Climate change inactivism and disaster movies (and social class in the apocalypse) Can we be saved from media illiteracy? The main event: Coronavirus anxiety Have another 2020 anxiety we didn't mention? Hit us up on the tweety about it and we'll bring it up next week! @jackofallgraves ...



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Episode 12

November 16, 2020

Ep. 12: Out of the elevator, into the coffin

As coronavirus drives us all back into quarantine, we're going a liiiiiittle bonkers, which drives us to think about the near universal fear of being trapped. We also talk about insights into the serial killer mind, and we convince a horror-averse friend to watch Scream and talk about it.  Highlights: Corri talks about a guy who got stuck in an elevator for 41 hours Being buried alive would be terrible We learn that mice have a penchant for brains and it expains a nightmarish incident from Corri's youth Mark delves into quotes from murderers about the experience of killing Lian Stutsman pops in to talk about her experience watching Scream in our ongoing series of horror n00bs watching the classics We give a few recs and anti-recs Ever had a cannibalistic pet? We want to hear about it! Talk to us @jackofallgraves on Twitter! Don't forget to rate and review us, and tell your creepiest friend that they should listen! ...



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Episode 11

November 09, 2020

Ep. 11: Ethical cannibalism under capitalism

Corri has a sad today, but we're addressing her strange obsession to cheer her up: Cannibalism. Highlights: Corri is devastated by the death of Alex Trebek, so we talk about celebrity deaths that have hit us and our listeners hard Mark talks about his facebook deadpool We dive right in to talking about people eating people Early humans ate each other as side dishes The Donner Party is aparently not common knowledge in the UK The main event: German cannibal Armin Meiwes and the ethics of consensual cannibalism As always, we leave you with a couple recs: The Wolf of Snow Hollow and Blood Vessel  Follow us on twitter @jackofallgraves, and don't forget to tell your creepiest friend about us! ...



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Episode 10

November 02, 2020

Ep. 10: Things to do when you're dead

Highlights: Corri talks to her big brother Zack about the supposed horror movie copycat killer Mark Branch and other bonkers stories from their hometown Mark cops his first Twitter ban and Corri takes the opportunity to prank him There's a ghost in Corri's living room We play the horror game Little Nightmares on the Men of Low Moral Fiber podcast! Check it out! (www.menoflowmoralfiber.com) We revisit some past stories that have come up in the news, including AI and deepfakes and our inability to trust our own eyes Mark horrifies us with another delusion We fixate on autocannibalism We discuss alternatives to being buried.... after you die, of course. Recs: Lincoln in the Bardo, Love and Monsters, The Mortuary Collection, His House, but NOT Bly Manor Follow us on the twitter @jackofallgraves! Don't forget to tell your friends how much you love us! ...



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Episode 9

October 26, 2020

Ep. 9: Candy panic

It's Halloween week at last! That bittersweet time where the official spooky season comes to a close and all of us creeps have one last celebration before we slink back into the shadows. Thus, we wanted to send the season off with a bang: A visit to a medium, a hometown murder story, talking Evil Dead w/ a non-horror fan, and a look at some of the true stories behind tainted candy panics. Highlights: Mark visits a spiritualist church to see a medium in action  We subjected Mark's longtime friend Mia to Evil Dead (2013) and she tells us about the experience Mia has an INCREDIBLE story about the soundtrack to Dead Calm Corri tells the story of the Friday the 13th copycat killing in her hometown that nearly ruined Halloween We stan Billy Zane We discuss tainted candy panics and the lead-crime hypothesis  Got a good Halloween story or epic Halloween plans? Think Corri and Mark are wrong about Michael Myers? Are you friends with Billy Zane? Hit us up on twitter @jackofallgraves! And don't forget to drop us a review on Apple Podcasts or whever you listen! ...