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Jack of All Graves

A storytelling pod in which an American girl and a Welsh guy bond over a shared love of the terrifying, tragic, bloody, morbid, anxiety-inducing, and horrific -- a joyful and therapeutic exploration of very dark...more

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Episode 68

December 28, 2021

Ep. 68: The homo sapien urge to murder with flare

We’re keeping it real festive this post-Christmas week with a deep dive into the circle of life, starting with a discussion of the ways in which evolution does wild things to keep organisms alive, and journeying on to a chat about how steadfastly committed humans are to ending other humans’ lives in creative ways. Highlights: [0:00] The wild spread of Omicron has Mark thinking about all the ways in which life finds an evolutionary way — from Inuit Ketosis to viral mutations. [17:15] We talk about what the fuck is up with Kermit the Frog’s voice, our Christmas experiences [29:20] We discuss what we watched this week, complete with a tangent on why weird looking actors like Benedict Cumberbatch and Adam Driver are proof we should have more body diversity in Hollywood [52:40] We opened by talking about how life finds a way, but we’re spending the rest of the episode talking about things people have created in order to kill other people. ...



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Episode 67

December 20, 2021

Ep. 67: Miracles is it lads

This week we’re following up on a viewing assignment from last week with Silent Night, and we’re talking about whether or not miracles are all around us (after a cold open about whatever the exact opposite of a medical miracle is). Highlights:[0:00} CoRri tells Mark about the medical mystery of the Toxic Lady. Thanks to Ryan Joiner for the story tip! [21:00] Mark wants jingle bells in our theme tune, we are in the liminal Christmas space and have all the anxiety… but watch CoRri’s Wisecrack writing debut about Hallmark Christmas movies! Plus, book club is coming after the holidays, and perhaps we’ll do a post-Christmas watch-along? Aaaand Omicron is even more of a buzzkill! [38:00] We talk about what we’ve watched this week, CoRri’s nightmare Spider-Man viewing experience, and the potential repercussions of studios catering the content of films too much to the audience in order to get butts in seats. [1hr] We get into a spoilery discussion of Silent Night, the movie we tasked our listeners with watching this week [1hr15] We discuss some supposed modern miracles, what other explanations might exist, and whether we’re too wrapped up in scientism to allow that there might be some things science can’t explain ...



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Episode 66

December 13, 2021

Ep. 66: Your dog’s got ghosts (and other tales from the internet)

Every day folks post bananas stories about the world in our Facebook group. This week we delve a little further into some of the incredible things that have come across our group, from dog exorcisms to suicide pods. Highlights: [0:00] Mark shares some terrifying AI… art? [12:00] We explain where the fuck we’ve been, thank you all for your Spotify Wrapped posts [25:20] We check in on the state of Covid in the UK [32:30] We dive into what we’ve watched the past two weeks and CoRri explains what you can and can’t show on television in the U.S. [57:00] We sift through some of the bonkers stories that people have posted in our facebook group ...



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Episode 65

November 28, 2021

Ep. 65: Steve's vast deferens

In an epic Jack of All Graves/Dead and Lovely crossover event, Hollywood Steve is here to talk with us about his reproductive organs! Make sure you check out Dead & Lovely episode #242 on Wednesday to hear the three of us talk about the cannibal horror western “Ravenous.” Highlights: [0:00] Mark tells CoRri and Steve the story of Jean Hilliard, the woman who froze solid and lived to talk about it [14:00] We introduce Hollywood Steve and get going with some cultural exchange as we discuss eating habits in the UK, the American South, and on the U.S. coasts. [36:00] Onto what we’ve watched! We also chat about our lockdown lives and trauma. [59:00] We talk about Steve’s massive vas deferens and why it caused his doctor some deep psychological scars during his vasectomy. [1hr14min] We briefly talk about some ridiculous historical birth control methods and bad vasectomies ...



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Episode 64

November 22, 2021

Ep. 64: The boffin

The time has finally arrived for us to ask JoAG’s resident boffin, Eileen Marks-Nelson, some of our listeners’ weirdest science questions! If you’ve ever wondered how vampires get it up, or how long you’re alive after decapitation, or whether it’s possible there’s a branch of human evolution that turned into merpeople, you’re in the right place! Highlights:[0:00] CoRri tells Mark about the infamous Australian “shark arm case.” Thanks to Jason Chodera for the tip! [16:55] We briefly discuss some weird and probably not real legal loopholes to keep out of trouble, and Mark is unimpressed by the concept of the pot luck. [27:00] We talk about what we watched this week [52:50] Brief One Night in Soho spoiler [54:30] Spoilers over! We discuss how supernatural horror movies are too often ruined by twist endings [1hr4min] We bring Eileen on to answer our “science” questions ...



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Episode 63

November 15, 2021

Ep. 63: Apocalypse soon

Let’s be real: It can feel to all of us like the end is nigh, but we mean that in an ambiguous sense generally. For some folks, though, they’re pretty sure there’s a concrete date when all this is over. We’re looking at who some of those people are, and what they do when the date comes and goes without incident. Highlights:[0:00] Mark explains the process that will occur when the Queen kicks the bucket… which he’s pretty sure is gonna happen this week [19:36] We discuss how we deal with the darkness of this time of year and talk through our latest watch-along [30:50] We need your questions for our boffin! Also, CoRri’s house is mayhem [35:00] It’s the what we watched segment [49:20] We end up on a short diversion about the guy who went to space with William Shatner and then died in a small plane crash weeks later [52:00] We discuss people who have prophesied specific dates for the end of the world ...



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